When you come to Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Bowie, you know that if you leave with one of our vehicles, it will be in top working order when you take it home. Once it’s yours it becomes your responsibility to make sure it stays that way. The professionals in our Chrysler service center near Upper Marlboro, MD are happy to help you in that endeavor. Here are just a few ways that regular maintenance can help your car’s performance.

Regular Oil Change
Regular oil changes may seem like a periodic hassle, and you may make it past that suggested 3-month mark without noticing any malfunctions in your vehicle. Don’t be tempted into skipping your regular oil change. The build up of old dirty engine oil can have a corrosive effect on the engine causing damage that may not be immediately apparent. Moreover, the more sluggish the oil becomes, the less the lubricating effect will work to cool engine parts, further damaging it.

Clean Air Filter
Another major piece of maintaining your vehicle is making sure you have a clean air filter. It’s common knowledge that your car needs gas to operate, the gas creates a combustion effect which powers the car. However, there is another vital piece of that puzzle, air. It seems like a no-brainer as air is effectively everywhere. To protect the engine from dirt and debris while still allowing the free flow of air to keep the combustion going, a porous air filter is in place. When the air filter isn’t changed regularly, it gets dirty and the air isn’t able to pass through as freely. Less air means weaker combustion and decreased performance. It’s important to let our service experts at Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Bowie regularly replace dirty air filters with new ones from our durable Chrysler parts department.

To make sure your car is running in optimal condition, head to our RAM dealership near Upper Marlboro, MD and let us take care of it!