For Crofton, MD drivers, Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Bowie is more than just a place for great new car specials. It’s a place for exceptional customer service. We would be remiss in that department if we didn’t stress the importance of brake safety.

When you brake, you are slowly wearing down both your brake pads and your brake discs. If unattended to, this will eventually become a major problem. Since most people are keen to avoid major problems, periodically switching out your brake pads and discs is a must.

How you go about switching them can be equally important. You can’t just use any old parts. Unless you use quality pads and discs, like the ones used in our Jeep® service center near Crofton, MD, you’ll likely need to replace them again much sooner than you would have had to otherwise.

Pads and discs specifically work in a complementary relationship. If one piece isn’t working optimally, it will bring down its counterpart as well. Additionally, when you get your brake parts replaced, even with high-quality parts, you’ll need to give your car a brief period within which you take it easy on the brakes so they can get acclimated to each other. Poor acclimation can lead to additional friction and more wear and tear than necessary.

There will usually be signs of an issue that should be difficult to miss. Weird noises are never good, especially when applying the brakes. If your vehicle is equipped with a check brakes light, you are even more ahead of the game.

Sometimes the signs will not be as obvious. It is times such as these that make regular maintenance so important. You don’t want to learn about an issue with your brakes as they are failing. Come into Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Bowie and make sure your brakes are safe.