For your benefit, we here at Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Bowie, your Chrysler dealership in MD, we want to let you know about a few of the more devious ones.

Rainy Days

This is easily the one we hear the most. In fact, you’ve probably already heard it yourself. In case you haven’t, the basic idea is that rainy days are the best time to car shop because you’ll be the only person there. If you’re the only person there, the sales staff will be more eager to strike a deal with you. No one wants to shop for a car (outside) in the rain, right? Wrong.

This is one of those myths that is not only predicated on falsehood but also ultimately untrue in practice as well. That falsehood is that you’ll get special financial treatment for being the only person on the lot. Though, it winds up not mattering that this isn’t true due to the fact that rainy days end up being more popular not less. Everyone has the same idea.

Closing Time

Once again, this myth attempts to psych out the sales team. The premise being, if you wait until right before closing, you’ll catch a sales team that is ready to go home and willing to do pretty much anything to do it. This one is just patently untrue.

Surprise Trade-Ins

This is another popular tactic that is ultimately ineffective and unnecessary. Waiting to disclose your plans to trade-in your current vehicle until the price of your new car has been finalized in the hopes of getting a better deal. The idea being, if the dealer knows about your trade-in we will overvalue our 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee or undervalue your trade-in. This is not the case. Here at Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Bowie, we encourage you to use our website to check the value of your trade-in as well as the price of any of our vehicles.