Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Bowie knows that you depend on your Jeep Cherokee or Chrysler Pacifica for errands, family outings, and everyday driving. When you’re cruising the streets of Crofton, MD, the last thing any driver desires is battery failure. Our Jeep service center has some warning signs that your battery may be faulty and need to be replaced:

  • Slow Cranking Engine – This is one of the easiest signs that there is a problem with your battery. If your vehicle starts more slowly, you should plan to have your battery tested and potentially replaced.
  • Dashboard Warning Light – Usually shaped like a battery, this is another easy sign that your battery needs servicing.
  • Power Components Don’t Work – Low battery power may result in the power window/seats, radio, and even your dashboard clock not working properly. Consider having our service technicians test and check your battery.
  • Unusual Smell – If you open the hood of your car and smell rotten eggs, your battery has either shorted internally or is overcharged. You will need to bring your vehicle to our Jeep service center for inspection and/or replacement.
  • Swollen Battery Case – Extreme temperatures can cause the casing of your battery to swell, causing issues with its overall function. This type of issue is best handled by our expert service technicians.
  • Limited Lifespan – Most vehicle batteries last an average of four to five years. Each battery has the date of manufacture on their casing. If your battery is older than five years, then it’s time to have it replaced or at the very least thoroughly inspected.

Our Dodge dealership near Crofton, MD can help you keep your vehicle running for a long time. If you have any kind of service issues, please visit or contact our service department and one of our technicians will gladly answer your questions.