It doesn’t take a lot to convince drivers in and around Upper Marlboro, MD to wash their car. In fact, everybody knows they should wash their vehicles more often than they do, but it sometimes can be challenging to find the time to take a vehicle to the car wash considering work, school, kids, and other engagements make even the simplest of errands and chores impossible to complete.

Still, you really should wash your vehicle regularly, as there are significant benefits to doing so (and a handful of significant caveats if you don’t). The following are some of the most important reasons to get your new or pre-owned Jeep® , Chrysler, Dodge, or RAM vehicle washed at least once a month:

It’s Safer

Dirt and bugs on a windshield can make it very difficult to see while driving, and sometimes it gets so bad, not even wiper fluid can flush them away. A car wash helps maintain optimal visibility, both for your safety and the safety of everybody else on the road.

It Prevents Damage

Dirt and road salt left on a vehicle for too long can cause much bigger problems over time if left alone. Those little specs can actually scratch a vehicle, and once that scratch has exposed your vehicle to the elements, the damage can get much worse, turning into chips and perhaps even rust. A simple car wash can help eliminate that risk.

It Makes Your Vehicle Look Pretty

Perhaps most obviously, you want your vehicle to stay lovely for as long as possible. You don’t walk into your nearest Chrysler dealership looking for the dirtiest vehicle on the lot, so why would you be okay with it being dirty now?

Getting a car wash isn’t that big a deal, but there are major benefits to ensuring Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM customers keep their vehicles as clean as possible all year long!