Deep into the summer vacation season, there is a good chance that your family either is very close to heading out for a long road trip or just recently completed the annual drive to a new and exciting part of the country. Whatever your reason for loading up the car and traveling this summer, there are a few accessories that could make your drive a lot smoother and a whole lot more fun.

The following are some of the most important road trip accessories to consider when loading up your 2018 Jeep Wrangler or 2018 Chrysler Pacifica for a big vacation this summer:

Power Inverter – Most of the entertainment items you’ll need in your vehicle for a road trip require a regular AC power outlet, not the provided “cigarette lighter” outlet that comes with most vehicles available at your Jeep dealership. This converter changes that, obviously.

Dashboard Cell Phone Holder – Chances are very good that you will be using GPS navigation on your phone while you drive (at least for those models that didn’t get it included with the model of auto they purchased), so if that’s you, consider one of these phone holders to make it easier to see the maps.

Wet Wipes – They aren’t just for babies anymore. Messes can occur in the car at any time, and these make it easy to do anything from wipe up a spill to just cleaning up after a messy fast-food meal eaten on the go.

First Aid Kit – Make sure you’ve got bandages, acetaminophen, and disinfectant spray in your vehicle in case of emergency. You never know when the need for a first aid kit will arise, so drivers leaving Bowie, MD for a road trip should always have one on hand!

If you pack these items, your road trip will be a cinch this summer. Enjoy your vacation, and travel safely!