Jeep® brand vehicles offer top-of-the-line safety features and available 4×4 systems, which gives drivers peace of mind when taking Jeep SUVs on the trail. They’re made for off-roading and designed to handle many situations while on the open road. With a Jeep, drivers can easily get comfortable for any adventure that awaits them. But before you go out on that trail, here are some tips to help get you ready.

Checking Your Vehicle

Prepare your Jeep before heading out on the trail by making sure that the fuel tank is full, all the hoses in your engine bay are in excellent condition, all the fluids are topped off, and that the battery is fully fastened.

Getting More Traction

The four-wheel-drive system should be engaged before getting entrenched in the mud. To do this, make sure to always look over the hood and scan the terrain from left to right in order to quickly gauge an approaching trail. Placing your focus on either side of the car allows you to see potential trouble for your tires.

Slow and Steady Always Wins

The best way to conquer obstacles while off-roading is to be slow and steady, meaning that your Jeep is in its lowest gear and the engine nearly idling. Some trails are best won when traveling below five miles per hour.

Dealing with Snow or Mud

Engage the 4WD system after immediately recognizing that snow or mud can be an issue, so pay attention to the activities of the road before you and around you. Pay close attention to your gears. Though you maybe going slow, the most important aspect of off-roading is maintaining that momentum. 

If you would like to test drive any Jeep vehicle, make sure to visit our Jeep dealership and we will help you decide on which type of SUV best fits your needs.