Out of the many things you have to prepare for as a regular commuter, getting a flat tire has to be on the top of the list. That’s because getting a flat tire can happen to anyone, which is why our Chrysler dealership in MD wants you to know the basics of what to do when you get a flat tire:

1. Find a Safe Spot

You’ll either hear or feel the flattening of a tire, so once you think that there may be a problem with one of your tires, pull over as soon as you can. Observe all blind spots and potential hazards, and park your car in a safe spot, usually on the shoulders of most roads and highways, or better yet, completely away from any main roads, where traffic is minimal.

2. Replace the Flat

With tire wrench in hand, loosen the lug nuts from the damaged tire, life the vehicle using a jack, and remove the flat tire. Place it aside and get the spare tire which can be found underneath the floor mat in the trunk. Place the spare tire into the lug bolts and lower the car. Tighten the nuts while the car is on the ground. Drive carefully and within the speed limits, and make sure to contact our Jeep service center for an appointment.

3. Visit Our Service Center

The spare tire cannot be used for long. It must be replaced with regular sized tire that matches with the other tires in the set. And to do this, you must take your vehicle to a professional. At our service center, we have dedicated technicians prepared to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. So make sure to come visit us whenever your car needs help.