The summer heat can be overbearing and it’s not only your body that suffers. The high temperatures can take a toll on your pre-owned Jeep SUVs and Dodge cars. At Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we thought of five ways to help your car survive the summer heat:

Parking lot shade: When you’re not able to park in your garage, find a big tree or a tall building and park underneath it. The shade will lower the temperature inside your car, keeping it cool as you work or shop for groceries.

Open a window: If you need better ventilation in your car while you park, crack open the windows about an inch or two to welcome in the outside air.

Tint the windows: Tinting windows gives you the opportunity to keep your car’s cabin dark, giving it the effect of shade as you park and even while you drive. Ask our dealers for more information about this.

Schedule maintenance: Did you know that your tires, fluids, and batteries are vulnerable in the heat? If these important components aren’t up to par, you can find yourself stranded by the side of the road. Schedule an appointment at our Jeep service center today for regular maintenance.

Emergency kit: If you do find yourself stranded, don’t fret. Make sure that you have an emergency kit handy. It should be filled with a first-aid kit, blanket, flashlight with extra batteries, non-perishable food, and jumper cables.

Stay prepared by following these five very important tips to keep you and your 2019 Dodge Durango cool and comfortable. The last thing you want to be is miserable during the best time of the year. If you think you need a complete upgrade instead, feel free to visit us and test drive any one of our new Jeep cars. We hope to see you soon!