Summer invites more drivers on the roads than any other time of the year, bringing with it an increase in road hazards. Your nearest Dodge dealership wants to make sure you’re ready for anything thrown your way this summer, so we’ve come up with these helpful tips and tricks for combating common road hazards:

Heavy Traffic

If you live near a major tourist city, odds are you’re used to tons of highway traffic during the summer. One way to keep safe during traffic jams is by keeping a healthy distance between you and the car in front of you to prevent a fender bender. That way, you can have ample time to brake if a driver cuts you off or suddenly stops.

Reckless Drivers

With more people on the road, you’re bound to encounter drivers who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. These drivers are known for veering in and out of their lanes, speeding, or stopping erratically, so it’s best to steer clear and let them pass. Try to merge into another lane to better protect yourself.

Construction Zones

Roads take a beating during the summer thanks to the endless amounts of cars, trucks, and SUVs commuting into major cities, increasing the need for construction zones. If you encounter construction during your drive, make sure to follow the posted speed limit and watch out for workers as you drive through.

Here at Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Bowie, we’re more than just a dealership that sells Dodge cars. We also care about the safety of our customers, so we want to do everything we can to keep you safe on the road and avoid hazards. We hope these tips help, and if you’d like to know more, simply drop by our dealership located at 2406 Crain Highway. Be safe out there!