You may be an experienced driver, and well-tuned to your Dodge vehicle’s quirks and noises, but how well do you know your warning lights? Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM-Bowie is ready for all your Dodge service needs, but first, let’s go over those warning lights.

Here’s an overview of the different Dodge warning lights and what they mean.

Oil Pressure/Oil Level

These lights looks like old-fashioned oil cans. There are two different lights.

If you see a drop of oil by the tip of the can, your our oil pressure is low. If you see this, you should check and add oil, but it’s probably also time to get your oil changed.

If you see wavy lines underneath the oil can, that means your oil level is too low.

Charging System Trouble

If an outline of a battery appears, that means there’s an issue with the system that keeps the battery charged. If you see this while driving, stop immediately or as soon as possible.

This light could mean a number of factors. Your battery might have gone bad and can no longer hold a charge. Your alternator is failing and cannot send a charge to the battery. There could be an issue with the battery cords or something similar in the mount.

Brake Trouble

If the word BRAKE appears in bright letters, this indicates a serious problem with your braking system. Use your hand brake or emergency brake to carefully pull over and notify your service center immediately.

Transmission Oil Temperature

This warning light looks like a thermometer inside a gear. This means the oil temperature in the transmission is too high, which can risk transmission failure.

If you’re seeing any of these lights come on in your Dodge, call the Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM-Bowie service department right away.